21:00 CET21/06/2016
Football - EURO 2016
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Croatia-Spain EURO 2016 – BETTING TIPS

Coefficient - 3.25
tips efficiency - 68 %
Nevertheless, Croatia team has a few start players who might be a real threat to Spain. Luka Modric, Ivan Rakitic and Mateo Kovacic are going to show a truly good game. They are expected not to let Spain leave Croatia far behind.
Coefficient - 1.95
tips efficiency - 69 %
Both teams will be able to score some goals but in the end of the game, Spain is very much likely to outscore the opponent significantly. Spain will play with all their might in the second half of the game.
Coefficient - 1.83
tips efficiency - 76 %
Experts say that Spain is 61,5% likely to win in the Group D. This team is the most likely to win against all their opponents in the group
Coefficient - 1.83
tips efficiency - 81 %
Croatia is only 19,6% likely to win in Group D. However, they have very few chances to beat Spain in this game. But they have good chances to beat two other teams in the group.
Coefficient - 2
tips efficiency - 65 %
Croatia has already met Spain in the Group stage of UEFA EURO 2012 in Gdansk (Poland) and was defeated with the result 0-1. They showed a good game but Spain was too strong for them to beat, and so is now.
Coefficient - 1.95
tips efficiency - 77 %
Spain is an undisputed favourite with increased flexibility and a vast array of midfield players. Vicente de Bosque’s tactics of lining-up will significantly help them in this game.
Coefficient - 1.83
tips efficiency - 88 %
Both teams hope to qualify from this group and this match will be decisive for them. Spain is highly expected to reach the final.